Novirede SEGUREX 2015


Being a unique landmark event in this area in Portugal, Novirede would have to partake in the 2015 edition of Segurex.

Global event for the Security, Protection and Accident-Prevention sectors in its different displays. – Security e Safety

As a business platform for companies, citizens and public administration alike, it is a meeting point for all the security professionals who seek products or services in these areas.

Classic Model of Electrowelded Mesh Panel

Novirede has the most widely used fencing models nowadays: the Classic Model of Electrowelded Mesh Panel.

Its main features are:

Highly rigid metal sections of wire gauze;

High Endurance circular section posts;

Quick and easy assembly;

Irremovable, through a system of security screws;

Connection system between the post and the unique and versatile structure.

Highly affordable and extremely functional, this system is very popular and it’s utilized in all kinds of building situations: housing, apartments, industries, schools, libraries, hospitals and other everyday infrastructures.

We can help you in selecting the more suitable fence to your needs.


Adjusting to an increasingly globalized world, Novirede has successfully participated in some projects in Angola, regarding the solicitation of potential clients, as well as in monitoring our clients in their own internationalisation projects.

As it is well-known, security issues in African countries are a matter of the utmost importance. In this field, the chosen solutions will always be sketched in accordance with the specific needs and the environment of the implementation sites.